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Turnkey Cleanroom Solutions

Cleanroom Turnkey Projects with CleanPack

Cleanroom turnkey projects are created by a company for wide distribution. In a turnkey model, the contractor is responsible for the design, production, and legal obligations – all in-house.
This provides a lot of freedom for the client. They can buy ready-made parts or products, eschewing wait times.

What are Cleanroom Turnkey Projects?

Turnkey projects consist ofprefabricated products or parts that can help a client assemble their product. Think of microchips that fit a vast array of electronics, or blister packs suited to all pills of a certain size regardless of the company that produces them.
“Turnkey” refers to the ease with which the client can complete their project. Similar to buying a “turnkey home” all of the parts are built and finished in-house. All that’s left to do is “turn the key” and add your finishing touches.

What are the Benefits of TurnkeyCleanroom Solutions?

The primary benefits of turnkey are costs and speed. The product is already designed, which means designs, prototypes, and other research and development phases aren’t needed. This frees up an abundance of money for the client as well as time.
Another major benefit of cleanroom turnkey projects is that the owner is able to purchase bundles, meaning not only savings in design, but also in supply amount.

If it’s not Built to my Specifications, How do I Know it’s What I Need?

At CleanPack we don’t only pride ourselves in being at the forefront of cleanroom thermoforming technology, but also our excellent customer service.
For over 45 years we have given customers across multiple industries exactly what they wanted. We will work with you to help decide the best product for your needs.
If you have a proposal, we will work to your needs and specifications as outlined. CleanPack is bound to have turnkey cleanroom solutions that work for most projects.

What if None of the Turnkey Cleanroom Solutions Work?

If none of the cleanroom turnkey products or parts work for you, we are happy to work with you to develop a template. On built-to-order projects, we work with you in every phase from development to mass production.

Ask about TurnkeyCleanroom Solutions with CleanPack

CleanPack is dedicated to technology and service of the highest caliber. From innovative thermoforming technology and ISO cleanroom classification 6 conditions to countless turnkey and build-to-order solutions, we offer everything you need.

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