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Clean Room Thermoforming

Cleanroom Thermoforming for High Standard Industries

Thermoforming is a process in which a material, often a flat sheet of plastic, is physically and sometimes chemically changed using heat.Cleanroom thermoforming is a process done in a cleanroom using a machine to form the flat sheet of thermoplastics or resins into a 3-D shape.

Molds placed in the thermoforming machines allow the product to take its designed shape and functionality. Resin enters the mold via cleanroom injection molding before entering the thermoforming machine.
Once this process is finished, the product is extracted, then cooled. Assembly in a cleanroom takes place after this with the other pieces made in this fashion.

Types of Thermoforming

There are several types of thermoforming, all of which use heat to form the thermoplastics/resin into its final product.
They are:
Vacuum Forming
This involves heating and stretching the resin across the mold. The mold is open, and forces up to 15psi allows the material to cling to the mold, and the vacuum seals the shape. All cleanroom thermoforming is a variant of vacuum forming.
Pressure Forming
A pressure box is added to the tooling package. The vacuum and added air pressure allow up to four times the vacuum alone. This allows for fine details without additional costs.
Twin Sheet Forming
A bottom and top mold are filled at the same time. Pressure is applied between the fused sheets. This process is best used for hollow objects.

CleanPack Vacuum Forming

CleanPack prides itself in its state-of-the-art vacuum forming technology. Not only do we stay at the forefront of the technology, but our operators also regularly update their expertise to ensure high-quality output no matter how new the technology.
At CleanPack we are committed to satisfying our clients with only the highest quality work, which is why we invest heavily in our workers.

What does CleanPack Produce?

We help our clients through development and manufacturing. This means we can calibrate the machines and molds to your specifications. We most often produce packaging for the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.
Our highlights include:
Anti-Static Conveying Trays
A variety of items from cosmetics and food to electronics require anti-static packaging. This prevents friction and other types of damage inflicted on the product during transit and environmental exposure.
For over 30 years, CleanPack has been a lead producer of anti-static packaging and is proud to provide all major Israeli food chains with anti-static packaging.
Medical Device Trays
The ISO cleanroom classification required for pharmaceutical and medical packaging is higher than for typical packaging. This is why CleanPack’s cleanroom is ISO6 rather than 7. This ensures that drugs and devices are safe for use and consumption.

Over 45 Years of Cleanroom Thermoforming

For nearly half a century we have been trusted with the creation of cleanroom products in the food, medical, and electronics industries.
We are both innovative and reliable, which makes CleanPack an easy choice for clients in need of cleanroom thermoforming.

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