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Clean Room Injection Molding Requirements

Cleanroom Injection Molding for Products and Prototypes

Injection molding is an essential part of the manufacturing process for an assortment of products from bottle caps to automotive
parts. It is a vital part of product design and production in a range of industries including the medical and military fields.

What is Cleanroom Injection Molding?

Cleanroom injection molding is the process in which a resin is injected into a mold before being placed into a thermoforming machine. Whether it’s manufacturing cleanroom products or creating design prototypes, cleanroom injection molding is vital.

CleanPack Cleanroom Injection Molding and Development

Design decisions are made at the beginning of a project regarding its design. Features important to their function and the logistics of manufacturing.
Injection molding allows companies the ability to design their products with an assortment of considerations, including speed.
CleanPack offers consultations and support during the early stages of project development. Our support will allow you to understand both the strengths and limitations of the technologies involved. This prevents mistakes and allows your projects to be made quickly and affordably.

Clean Room Injection Molding Requirements – Consultations with CleanPack

We offer two avenues for consultation with businesses, allowing you to chose what fits you and your team best.
Full Development via Outsourcing
While in collaboration with our designer, we are responsible for every step of production from design to production.
External Consultation
We collaborate with a designer on your behalf, whether they be on your team or external hires, and discuss the project with you every step of the way. A great option for cleanroom turnkey projects.

Injection Molding and Cleanroom Product Prototypes

Once the design is done and the logistics are worked out you can begin the prototype phase. Creating a prototype allows you to examine the item before manufacturing them en-masse. It’s this part of the process that allows you to work out any problems and perfect the model.
CleanPack provides prototype support with state-of-the-art technology such as chip processing and 3-D printing.

CleanPack’s Experimental Molds for New Models

Production of a one-enclave experimental mold which only creates a small number of the prototype. This allows the other phases to run smoothly.

CleanPack Template Process

The next step is to form a template based on your prototype. The DFM document consists of technical illustrations, principles for design and production, along with the template. The template includes descriptions of raw materials, product’s nature, and distribution line location.
Manufacturing does not take place until you approve our DFM.

CleanPack Injection Molding and Cleanroom Assembly

Cleanroom injection moulding is not only used for the development phase, but also in the manufacturing stage. Industries such as consumer electronics, military, and medicine require parts made via injection molding.
There are two phases of manufacturing. The first stage is the primary line before the assembly of the final product in the cleanroom.
Before Production
Here you produce a small number of the product. This small-batch gives insights into mass production. Any repairs or corrections needed can be done without incurring high expenses. You move on to the next step if the small production line meets your expectations.
Here you finally begin producing the final product.

Mold Development Process

CleanPack is an expert in injection molding making the process as easy as possible. Our experts will optimize all these processes for your project. This includes material entry, product extraction, surface quality, double injection, temperature regulation, and other criteria suited to the item.

CleanPack’s Cleanroom Injecting Molding Simplifies the Production Process

Manufacturing needs are incredibly important to our clients who produce new technologies.
Whether it’s a turnkey project or another type, our cleanroom thermoforming and injection molding technology and expertise are with you every step of the way.

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