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Soldering, assembling and closing packaging in clean rooms

Beyond our ability to provide a quality case that meets all your requirements
And to save you the need to deal with various suppliers, subcontractors,
Purchasing valuable automation and dealing with a foreign and unfamiliar domain,
We are ready to answer you under one roof and serve you in the following areas:

Assemble the packaged products.
Inclusion of the finished product into the chassis.
Paste / print informational stickers to paste on the back of the chassis.
TYVEK medical paper supplies include up to 4 color printing options.

Arranging finished product in master packaging. Flatbed, marking, wrapping and conveying the surface for the needs
Gas or radiation sterilization
The inclusion of the products, their packaging and the execution of blister solder are done in a clean room

ISO-7 standard approved by experienced and skilled staff.

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