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Research ,Development and Prototype

The precise development process and inter-departmental cooperation ensure the efficiency of the production chain and bring about qualitative results in the shortest possible time.

1. Clear customer needs

The project manager conducts an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs, including questions such as: the usefulness of the package, preferred raw materials, target markets, strength levels and thickness and quantity required.

2. Prototype development

In the development department, the best professionals are engaged in the designing of prototype models with maximum precision, using advanced Cimatron 3D software.

3. Prototype Manufacturing

Precise production of aluminum model using CNC milling machine with excellent finishing level.

4. Production

After the approval of the model and the pattern by our customer, a vacuum forming is done in the final mold, in one of the plant’s machines. The selection of the production machine is done according to the package data, and the number of units required.

5. Complementary services

After completing the production and according to the customer’s request, it is possible to perform a frequency warp or a carton for packaging the plastic, or to provide folding.

6. Customer Delivery

Upon completion of the work, the goods are packed and transported from CleanPack throughout the country and abroad through international transportation companies

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