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Consulting and support in product development

In the early stages of product development, critical design and planning decisions are made – these decisions will affect the functionality of the product, its visibility, the process and speed of production and the cost of production. Consulting and support in the early stages of product development will ensure that you get the desired result quickly, with minimum effort and lower overall cost.

Clean Pack helps companies in the early stages of product development in two possible models:

Full development in the outsourcing model – Clean Pack, in collaboration with our designer, will be responsible for product development including: product characterization, providing a number of possible alternatives for product design, 3D imaging, experimental design and model production. The process is led by us, in collaboration with the customer who takes an integral part in the process and gives feedback at all stages of the execution.

Accompanying the development process as an external consultant – We will work with a designer or developer on your behalf, we will discuss the product design with you, and according to the product specification, technology highlights and recommendations for changes or improvements that will simplify the production process and ensure that the final product works and looks good.

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