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Assembly In Cleanroom

CleanPack’s Cleanroom Assembly

Cleanroom products range from pharmaceutical and food packaging to parts for electronics such as computers and smartphones. These items are sensitive, and naturally, must be assembled in a cleanroom.

What is a cleanroom?

A cleanroom is a heavily regulated environment that guards against contamination with an assortment of measures. Governing bodies such as the European Health Organization (EEC) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) outline standards for a
production environment to gain cleanroom status.
Structural measures such as wall materials that don’t absorb particles, and installed air filters limit the amount of particles in the room. Protective clothing ensures workers don’t bring the outside environment with them.

What is Cleanroom Assembly?

Cleanroom assembly is the production of items within the confines of a cleanroom. This ensures that the item is sterile – an important feature where medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and food are concerned.
When assembly in a cleanroom takes place, workers limit the exposure to harmful particles by carefully operating machines and items to very exact specifications.

What does Assembly in Cleanrooms Look Like?

When items are assembled in a cleanroom, they follow a strict procedure that allows both the worker, the environment, and the machines to function optimally.
First, the mold is designed and created, or selected if it is a turnkey project, to allow for production. Then through a process called cleanroom injection molding, a thermoplastic or resin is injected into the mold. Thermoforming machines use vacuum forming to stretch the material across the mold.
Once the mold is ready, extraction is carefully conducted. This is how a single item is created via cleanroom assembly.
Should there be multiple parts to piece together after extraction from the thermoforming machine and mold, they will be assembled according to the products’ schemas.

What does CleanPack Cleanroom Assembly Look Like?

CleanPack offers the assembly of cleanroom products across a vast array of industries. With ISO cleanroom classification 6 standards regulating the environment and state-of-the-art thermoforming technology, we are equipped to handle most cleanroom projects.
CleanPack has been at the forefront of thermoforming technology essential to cleanroom assembly for nearly half a century. We use vacuum forming technology to create an assortment of cleanroom products.
We pride ourselves in our ability to meet and exceed our customer’s standards. Ask about assembly in cleanrooms and your projects today.

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