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Raw material for manufacturing clean room cases

When you hear the words “clean rooms,” you probably think of detergents, rags and sponges, shiny walls of cleanliness. But the concept of clean rooms is a familiar concept in the industry, and it does not refer to stain cleaning.

What are clean rooms?

Clean rooms are sterile rooms. In clean rooms, not only are there no simple artifacts, but there is no unnecessary particle. Clean rooms are clean of small particles of all kinds – dust, fat, and anything else. Clean rooms are used for industry, for the manufacture of fine products, where any small dirt, even if it is a particle, can delay production or damage the product in any way.

How do clean rooms work?

Clean rooms have machines that help clean the rooms from particles. For this purpose, particle filters are provided in clean rooms, which remove unnecessary particles from the room. In addition, pressure sensors, valves, regulators and other devices are installed, among other things, to ensure that air pressure in clean rooms is slightly higher than outside the rooms. The people entering the room enter through a special control room, and are dressed in materials that do not emit particles. In addition, they are equipped with a breathing system which allows them to emit particulate breath out of the room. Even the walls in clean rooms are made of special materials that do not emit particles. When the devices are working properly and according to the strictest standards, it is possible to achieve a state of clean air from particles at 99.7%. In order for clean rooms to be effective for their purposes, they must really be completely free from superfluous particles.

Why clean rooms?

In order to produce products that need a sterile and delicate environment, for example: fine electronics, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical packages, and more. Large companies may have independent clean rooms, such as the Weizmann Institute, the Air Industry Plant, Tel Aviv University and more. Most companies that need clean rooms rent them from an outside company. Clean Pack manufactures medicine packages and other delicate accessories in its clean rooms. Clean Pack packs are modular enclosures, and they are manufactured with great care. Clean Pack also handles the packaging of suitable products, labeling and more.

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