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Clean blister

Ballister is clean and used in medicine

Clean Blister Packaging – Just Be Fresh!

The boy came home from school again when the bag smells like a sweating sandwich? The cosmetics again dispersed inside the bag after a day of running? Your picnic looks tired after a long drive?
Blister by Colin Pac
Invites you to get to know the next thing in the freshness of food and comfort.
The clean blister fresh packaging is designed in an innovative technological way, consists of two layers of materials and allows for hermetic closure and is completely sealed from leakage and smell, using buttons or peripheral locking.

“Why do you leave the sandwich in the bag?”
 Again he / she came back from school with a strange smell from the bag? Once again, did you discover the sandwich you prepared for him in the morning in the bottom of the bag when he smelled of the smell of a sandwich with chocolate / cheese? With Blister you can forget about it, Blister’s strong packaging will prevent these cases 100 percent. So even if the mischievous young or the undernourished teenager has forgotten the ten-day meal in the bag for hours at a time, the effect of smell and dirt will be away.

How many times did you happen to have left the lunchbox you took for work inside the bag? And the smell? Not the most sympathetic, to put it mildly … using Blister’s two-layered bags with the hermetic lock you can forget about it. It is just convenient, keeps the food fresh even after many hours outside the refrigerator.

The makeup remained in place
We women, must be organized and organized at all times, but what to do running to work, back to the supermarket, running to the school / kindergarten / activities of the child do? You opened the bag again and discovered the redness and the shadows in a mess? Did the hand cream spill out despite the two bags you put in it? Meet your new makeup guard! Ballister’s sealed quality packaging allows your makeup products to breathe but remain in the bag even in cases of unexpected fluidity.

Without dirt, you do not go out for a picnic without blister-

Planning a picnic, a camping trip or just a walk in the water park with the kids? Are you afraid your bag will become an unpleasant mix of food and drink? Blister bags and packages allow you to keep everything in its place, with optimum batteries and cleanliness. Now, going out with your children and family to nature and / or just out of the house can be as clean as you like effortlessly – Blister bags keep you safe from the hazards of water bottles, sandwiches and defense promoters, which as we all know tend to spill and mingle at exactly the same moments Suitable.

Need quality packaging solutions for picnics, makeup products, food, drinks and more? Do not leave your home without a clean blister packaging. Your answer to quality packaging when you are on the go. No matter where you go, as long as you’re fresh!

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