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Packaging and soldering department

Welding and packaging department in a clean room:

Beyond our ability to provide you with a quality package that meets all your requirements
And in order to save you the need to deal with suppliers, various subcontractors,
Purchasing expensive machinery and dealing with a foreign and unfamiliar field,
We are prepared to provide you with a solution under one roof and serve you in the following areas:

 Assembling products for packaging.
 Inclusion of the finished product into the package.
 Paste / print informational labels for pasting on the back of the case.
  TYVEK medical paper supply includes printing option up to 4 colors.
 Arranging finished products in Master packages.
 Placing, marking, wrapping and transporting the surface for gas or radiation sterilization purposes

  • Including the products, packing them and making the solders in the blister are done in a clean room
        ISO-7 is certified by an experienced and skilled staff.

It’s our whole world our specialty.

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