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Bubble welding

Bubble-shaped plastic woven into cardboard or medical paper (tyvek) coated with a dedicated adhesive using heat. This technology is similar in its characteristics to the war of paper, plastic or aluminum foil used in the food industry.

What is Blister? Directly translated to English The right word to call blister packaging is bubble packaging and why? First of all because of the minutes of plastic from which it is ready for transparency and luzac, The product inside the blister packaging on one side is separated from the outside and on the other it appears to be without packaging So the packaging of the blister is so popular, not only because of the ease of packaging, its weight and price, but rather the idea of ​​a separate product but we are actually separate, completely transparent but equally covered, The Clean Pak packers are manufactured for many different uses

BALESTER FOOD PACKAGING After all, we know the supermarket cookie packages, and the one-off packages that pack the food we want to take from the luxury trip we ate,Blister packaging for cosmetic packaging, for medical products like Super-Pharm’s toothbrushes packaging, and in short, blister packages are everywhere, just open the poor and see them

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